Handmade Palladium Prints

For people who collect photographs, palladium prints are renowned for their beauty, archival stability, and unique, one-of-a-kind print statement.

Made from the salts of palladium, these prints are also called “palladiotype” prints. Palladium prints have a different “look” from silver gelatin or digital prints. All palladium prints have a matte, not glossy surface, because the sensitiser is absorbed into the paper rather than sitting on the surface. A palladium print also has a more gradual tonal change from black to white. To the eye accustomed to the punch of a silver gelatin print, a palladium print will often feel “softer” or lower in contrast. In reality there are actually more steps between pure black and pure white in palladium prints than in a silver gelatin print. This contributes to the deeper, richer feeling you experience when looking at these prints.

"Each of the palladium photographs in this series is unique – fitting for the incredible natural beauty of the subject – just simple and elegant. Palladiotype photographs are considered the more enduring of the photographic print processes – juxtaposition to the fragile nature of the species.”

Each of the palladium prints in this gallery is a limited edition of 10. Each print is a hand processed palladium print, created and printed by me, Liam Lynch.

Each print comes with a Certificate of Authentication.

There is an option to have the print framed by one of our local framers using environmentally sustainable hardwoods with anti-reflective and museum-quality acrylic that can protect the print from UV damage. In addition to archival mats and protective glazing, they only use acid-free backing and mounting to ensure the full conservation of your purchase. #This option is shipped from the framer and comes ready to hang.