Salt Water

The ocean is 3% salt.


“The ocean is one of the biggest mysteries of mankind. Earth is mostly water. Three-quarters of this planet is covered by water bodies, with the biggests ones being the five oceans. Marine biologists estimate that only two-thirds of marine life have been documented and studied. There are millions more species that remain to be discovered. There are kelp forests under the ocean that can rival even the lushest of forests on land. Ocean and seawater are salty because it contains ions and minerals washed away from rocks on land. There’s a huge “island” of trash floating around the northern area of the Pacific Ocean right now. Called the Great Pacific Garbage patch, this floating plastic garbage island moves around inside the center of the Pacific’s rotating ocean current.”


Self Commisioned




My discovery of the wonders of the underwater world began after more than 2 decades creating imagery above the surface. Travelling through Cuba in 2005, the opportunity to scuba dive presented itself, learning to dive in the pristine tropical waters of one of the most preserved environments on the planet ignighted a passion that would take me to some of the most remote and exciting parts of this vastly unexplored environment currently at risk.

“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.” – Daisaku Ikeda


Salt Water Collection