Inhale & Exhale

Above & Below


My discovery of the wonders of the underwater world began after more than 2 decades creating imagery above the surface. Travelling through Cuba in 2005, the opportunity to scuba dive presented in a place called Maria la Gorda also known as the Ensenada de Corrientes. It is one of the most protected seascapes in Cuba, located within the limits of one of the best preserved Biosphere Reserve in the world and it was here that the urge to not only observe the alien like marine world but to capture it as well was born.

15 years on and hundreds of hours beneath the waves later this fascination with the earth’s oceans and unique creatures that inhabit it have taken me to some of the most remote and diverse locations in the world.


Self Commisioned




“The sensation of weightlessness that one feels when scuba diving I can only imagine is somewhat similar to that of an astronaut in space and like space we as humans have explored only a small portion of it. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to not only dive as part of my career but to be able to share my experiences and visions through my photography with a wider audience.”

“I place my intention into the vast ocean of all possibilities and allow the universe to work through me.” – Deepak Chopra


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