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Kingfish Reef
April 19, 2020

Kingfish Reef Victoria's First Artificial Reef ABOUT.In 2022, Liam Lynch undertook a commission via DJWTV to explore and document the recently deployed reef modules within 'The Rip,' renowned as Victoria's most treacherous body of water. The primary focus was on investigating four clusters of artificially constructed reef modules submerged at a challenging depth of approximately 28 [...]

Inhale & Exhale
April 16, 2020

Inhale & Exhale Above & Below ABOUT.My discovery of the wonders of the underwater world began after more than 2 decades creating imagery above the surface. Travelling through Cuba in 2005, the opportunity to scuba dive presented in a place called Maria la Gorda also known as the Ensenada de Corrientes. It is one of [...]

Ocean Expanse
March 30, 2020

Ocean Expanse Blue Planet ABOUT.Our oceans that are home to a magnificent array of marine wildlife. Not only that, but our seas give us life. They provide oxygen and food, and allow us to explore an underwater world of natural beauty. But all of that is increasingly under threat. Climate change is draining the colour [...]