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Spider Crabs
May 4, 2020

Spider Crabs Army of the Bay ABOUT.Every year, an army of spider crabs gathers in Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay ahead of the annual winter moult. It’s an army like no other and they march not in unison, but in an organised chaos on eight long legs. What might sound like the beginning of a sci-fi [...]

Kingfish Reef
April 19, 2020

Kingfish Reef Victoria's First Artificial Reef ABOUT.In 2022, Liam Lynch undertook a commission via DJWTV to explore and document the recently deployed reef modules within 'The Rip,' renowned as Victoria's most treacherous body of water. The primary focus was on investigating four clusters of artificially constructed reef modules submerged at a challenging depth of approximately 28 [...]

Drifting Weeds
March 22, 2018

Drifting WeedsVideo ProjectOne of the popular species of seahorses is the Weedy Sea Dragon. It can blend in very well to the surroundings. In fact, you may have seen them but thought you were just viewing various types of weeds floating around in the body of water. The Southern coastline and the Western regions of [...]