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Ocean Oxygen
July 24, 2023

Ocean Oxygen Coral Landscapes ABOUT.Our seas give us life, about half of Earth’s oxygen comes from the ocean; about the same amount is consumed by marine life. They provide oxygen and food, and allow us to explore an underwater world of natural beauty. Climate change, overfishing, pollution from such sources as plastic waste, runoff, and sewage, [...]

Flinders Weedys
July 12, 2021

Flinders Weedys Save the Pier ABOUT.The Weedy Sea Dragon (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus) is the official marine emblem of the Australian State of Victoria and that in itself should be reason to minimise any potential disruption to its natural habitat. Parks Victoria knew for years that the historic Flinders Pier on the Mornington Peninsula needed urgent repairs [...]

Salt Water
June 19, 2020

Salt Water The ocean is 3% salt. ABOUT."The ocean is one of the biggest mysteries of mankind. Earth is mostly water. Three-quarters of this planet is covered by water bodies, with the biggests ones being the five oceans. Marine biologists estimate that only two-thirds of marine life have been documented and studied. There are millions more [...]

Spider Crab
May 4, 2020

Spider Crab Army of the Bay ABOUT.Every year, an army of spider crabs gathers in Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay ahead of the annual winter moult. It’s an army like no other and they march not in unison, but in an organised chaos on eight long legs. What might sound like the beginning of a sci-fi [...]