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Spider Crab
May 4, 2020

Spider Crab Army of the Bay ABOUT.Every year, an army of spider crabs gathers in Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay ahead of the annual winter moult. It’s an army like no other and they march not in unison, but in an organised chaos on eight long legs. What might sound like the beginning of a sci-fi [...]

April 20, 2020

Humpback Whale Megaptera novaeangliae ABOUT.The Humpback Whales of Tonga… Every year, as the cooler winter months come to the South Pacific. The waters of the island nation of Tonga play host to hundreds of Megaptera novaeangliae. The humpback whale – one of the largest creatures on the planet.The whales arrive in Tonga after a journey [...]

The Displaced
March 14, 2020

The Displaced Orangutans of Nyaru Menteng ABOUT.Back in early 2008 I was fortunate enough to gain permission to visit the very special place that too many orphaned or displaced orang-utans call home. At the time there were over 650 orangutans at Nyaru Menteng – a number well beyond the intended capacity of the centre. The Nyaru Menteng [...]

Dragons & Horses
March 23, 2018

Dragons & Horses “Dracones et Equorum” Each image is composed using underwater backdrops that are carefully manoeuvred behind the subject and lit to create a “studio like” feel. After weeks underwater finding then communing with these unique animals in their natural habitats i’m soon elbow-deep in alchemy: paper stocks are hand-coated with emulsion, and chemicals [...]