Faces of the Displaced

Orphans of the Forest

Each image is composed using underwater backdrops that are carefully manoeuvred behind the subject and lit to create a “studio like” feel. After weeks underwater finding then communing with these unique animals in their natural habitats i’m soon elbow-deep in alchemy: paper stocks are hand-coated with emulsion, and chemicals mixed from scratch. Finished prints look genuinely antique in many ways drawing inspiration from Joseph Banks’ catalogues, or Darwin’s specimen collections. Yet these works have a modern edge… Combining the ancient palladiotype method with new technology and equipment to produce the final result.

For me crossing the line from machine-made to hand-made does necessitate a substantial commitment, and the work is certainly labour-intensive. But in the end, what unfolds before the eyes is no ordinary photograph each print is a handmade one-off… which seems fitting to do justice to the incredible natural beauty that is captured within the image.


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